Thursday, December 5, 2013

Great Home Abdominal Workout for Women with 20 Ab Exercises

I've just found this really good abdominal workout which contain some of the best abdominal exercises. This routine will help to strengthen the entire core effectively. It is just 10 minutes long. Do it 4 times a week and you will see good results.

Here are your 20 ab moves:
1. Cross Crunch
2. Bridge Crunch
3. Iso Bike
4. Speed Bike
5. Gold Gate
6. Side Arm "O" Crunch
7. Switch Side
8. Hip Lift Kick.
9. Switch SIdes
10. Plank "O" Crunch
11. 3-Point Plank Crunch
12. Switch Sides
13. Lolasana
14. The Dawn
15. Mountain Climber
16. Superman Crunch
17. Tick-tock Lift
18. Peek-a-boo
19. Scissor Crunch
20. Scissor Lift

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