Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 Mins Abdominal Workout for Men and Women

Do you have 10 minutes at least 4 times a week? Do you want to get flatter stomach? In that case, you need to check out this abdominal workout which includes some really efficient exercises to tone and strengthen your entire midsection. And it only takes 12 minutes. With some cardio and proper diet your can build great looking tummy for the summer.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strenghten and Tone Your Body with This Bikini Workout

Do you need an effective workout to train and tone your entire body? Then, this 40 mins entire body workout is for you. It contains various exercises to train your abs, legs, shoulders and chest. Besides you can do it at home.

As it is really intensive it helps to burn calories and good for cardio. 

Do this routine 3-4 times a week and your will see your will be stronger and more toned and you will burn some fat as well.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cardio & Ab Workout Combo to Strenghten Abdomen and Burn Fat

As you probably know doing just ab workouts will not make you flat stomach. Cardio and diet are necessary as well to burn the fat covering your ab muscles.

Usually we do cardio and ab workouts separately. But why wouldn't we mix them up?

The routine below is a good example how you can combine cardio exercises with abdominal workout.

This routine will help to reduce stomach fat and at the same time tone and strengthen the ab muscles.

The details of the workout:

Sets: 4
Time: 30-second sets
Rest: No rest

The exercises:
Squat Thrust
High Kick
Mountain Climber

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Minute Home Abdominal Workout for Girls

I have just found another great abdominal routine which lasts for 10 minutes and contains various very efficient exercises to train the entire core. In top of that, you will not need to use any equipment and can be done at home.

Do this routine 3-4 times a week with some other cardio exercises and you will see good results in short time. Have a good abdominal training! :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Need Cheap Ab Bench? Here is a Sturdy Sit Up Bench on Affordable Price

A it up bench is still one of the best fitness equipment to train abs at home besides the body weight abdominal exercises. We can choose from wide variate of benches.

The best ones are definitely the adjustable sit up benches which let us to decrease or increase the angle of the board easily. This way we can adjust the resistance. these beneches are usally more expensive, but they are more comfortable and sturdy as well. Overall, they are the best solutions.

But what if we have no money to invest into an adjustable sit up bench, but we want to get one to train our abs well at home. In that case, here is the Universal decline bench which is not adjustable, but sturdy.
  • Freestanding decline bench offers wide variety of core workouts
  • Perform sit-ups, twists and more
  • Choose from two decline positions
  • Eight-inch padded foam rollers keep feet comfortably and safely in place
  • Measures 17 by 23 by 45 inches (W x H x D); 200-pound maximum user weight 

Watch the video here to learn everything about this sit up bench

Ab vs Core Training/Workout - What is the Difference?

If you are interested in fitness you can hear many times the core and ab workout phrases. But what is the difference between them? The answer is simple. Ab workout is just for training the biggest abdominal muscles such as the rectus abdominis which is responsible for six pack abs.

While core workout means we train many other muscle groups such as the lower back, internal and external obliques, transversus abdominis etc. So a core workout is more comles.

Watch the video below for more info.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

25 Mins Hardcore Six Pack Ab Training

Would you like to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and at the same time burn some belly fat? In that case this workout from Mike Cheng is for you. This ab routine contains wide variety of medium and hard abdominal exercises and it last for 25 minutes.

Do this routine 3-4 times a week and you will surely see good results.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Abs Workout Android App

Most of us use our mobiles for many useless activities. However, there are some really good applications which can help to remember and perform various trainings. A good example is the Abs Workout application which is 42 day workout schedule.

It contains  exercises you can do at home. It comes with text to speech technology, so you can even hear the instructions.

You can download this abdominal workout application here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Do V-Ups to Strenghten Your Hip Flexors & Core

There are some abdominal exercises which are exceptionally good to to train the entire core. In my point of view, one is V-ups which is a sort of enhanced sit up exercise. This workout trains the entire core very efficiently and it is great for strengthening and toning the hip flexors. I recommend including this exercise into your abs workout routine.

However, most of the people perform V-ups improperly. Watch the video below to learn how to do V-ups correctly.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Mins Home Ab Workout for Women

If you want to strengthen and tone your stomach, there is no need to do gym or buy any ab machine. There are many abdominal exercises you can do at home without using any equipment.

The video below is a good example. This is a 10 minute abdominal workout which includes various ab exercises you can do at home and these train the core muscles efficiently.

Do this routine 3-4 times a week, (once - twice a day) and you will see good results with some extra cardio and proper diet.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Captain's Chair Leg Raise for Strong Lower Abs

One of my favorite abdominal exercises to strengthen and tone my lower abs is hanging leg raising. This exercise is may be hard for someone considering that it needs strong back muscles and strong abs to control the motion. But it works extremely well! It has helped me a lot to get flatter stomach. 

If you are a beginner at abs training you may find this exercises hard, but there is an easier version you can start with. This is the captain's chair leg raise. This workout simpler since you do not need to hold your own weight and your back is kept by this machine. Watch the video below to see how to do this exercise properly.