Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Get Shakira Abs - Her Diet & Ab Workout

There is no question that Shakira has great looking abs. But how she can have such an attractive midsection after a child? The answers is the proper training and of course diet.

What sorts of abdominal exercises she does? Watch the video below.

The Shakira Ab Workout

And of course she follows a proper diet, the video below what is her diet about.

New Shakira Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Would you like to know how you can get abs like Shakira has? Then, here are 2 great books which include everything you need to know.

The Flat-Belly Kitchen: Superfoods For A Flat Stomach: Lose 2-3 Inches From Your Belly In Less Than A Month
The Abdominal Exercises Bible: Ab Exercises For Core Strength And A Flat Belly

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