Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pilates Ab Workout to Work Your Core Differently

Pilates is getting more and more popular nowadays. It helps to work the entire body, but there are several pilates movements which are especially good for strengthening and toning the entire core.

To tell the truth, I'm rather new to pilates and I have done only some ab workouts, but I'm suprised how tough and effective these sorts of movements are. Mainly, I do bodyweight abdominal exercises, but sometimes I do pilates ab workout to give some change to my routine. If you want to give some extra boost to your abs workout try the workout below.

If you are searching for more effecint ab workouts, tons of tips to get six pack abs and be fit, follow us on the following sites.

More Pilates Ab Workouts

I have just checked out some books and DVDs about how to work abs with pilates movements. Here the ones I suggest you to check out.   

   And here are some more blog posts.

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