Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Working Out with Stability Ball - The Best Books You Must Read

A stability ball seems to be simple equipment, but it is a very useful tool to work your entire body. We can use it for several workouts such as yoga, pilates, body weight trainings and even for weight workouts.

Personally, I use it for my ab workouts since it makes the common exercises such as crunches more effective. Recently, I started to use it for my body weight workouts to improve common exercises such as push ups. For me the next step is going to be using my fitness ball with weight workouts.

What are the benefits of using  an exercise ball?
  • It helps to improve your flexibility.
  • It strengthen the core muscles very efficiently since we have to keep the balance.
  • There a lot of fitness ball exercises which help to develop you balance and posture.
  • We can use it in several ways to improve our workouts. 
  • It is great for rehab and curing injuries. 
  • Plus, it is cheap. 
It is not hard to find a stability ball workout on the web, but there are some very useful books on this topic which provide all the information, exercises and other tips you must know. I have gathered the best books available today which are really inexpensive. Check out the list below. 

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